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Car Service Dubai

Car Air Conditioning

Car AC service Dubai, Your air conditioning needs annual checking and

Car Brakes

Car Brake Service Dubai, your car's brakes are the number one service issue

Car Suspension

Car Suspension Service Dubai, The withering heat, sand & speed bumps in

Car Recovery Service

Car Recovery Service Dubai. This is a surprisingly inexpensive and efficien

Car Body & Paint

Car Service Dubai, GT is a leading car specialist in body & paint repai

Car Battery

Car battery Service Dubai, Don’t get caught out in the heat this Summ

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Looking for the best Car Service in Dubai, GT Auto Centre is a “bumper to bumper” car service company in Dubai.  Which means we offer the full range of car service in Dubai from simple oil changes to car engine repair, AC reconditioning to full body car services, for all makes of cars.  Being western owned and run we understand well the importance of quality, reliability and transparency in car service.  When it comes to car service in Dubai, Customer care and service excellence is at the heart of our business philosophy and at every poi.... More

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Car repair service Dubai
Car service in Dubai
Car service Dubai
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Car service in Dubai
Car service Dubai
Often things like your steering wheel is on  an angle to drive  straight, your vehicle veering unexpectedly, rattling noises  while  going over bumps and shaking of the steering wheel are certainly guides   to the potent.... More
In GT Auto Center, We recommend a power steering  check and flush every  20,000km to optimise the life of your rack and pump  system. The main  reason people have power steering problems are due to a lack  of  maintenanc.... More
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