Car Brake Services in Dubai

How important is it to have my car brakes checked regulatory?

For safety reasons, this is the number one service issue you need to take seriously. Maintaining brake efficiency is a must and these need to be tested in line with manufacturer’s instructions. The extreme heat and dust in Dubai does have quite a deteriorating effect on brake components, and it is an area we recommend having checked more often than you would in cooler climates.

Pop in to see us or call us at GT Auto Centre for a FREE brake & safety check. We keep a large selection of quality brake pads in stock.

What are the warning or tell-tale signs to look out for when using your brakes?

For safety’s sake, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as quickly as possible when you notice any of these symptoms. At GT Auto Centre, we have considerable brake servicing experience and a large stock of good quality brake components:

  • Grinding – when the friction material on brake pads are heavily worn, this can result in a grinding noise as the brake pad has worn down to the metal caliper. This will likely damage the brake disc also, which may mean it will need to be changed prematurely.
  • Squeaking – there are many reasons why brakes squeak. It could suggest the brake caliper has stuck and a brake pad is still partially applied to the disc or rotor. It could also be that the brake pads are reaching the end of their life & need changing. Some pads have wear indicators that squeal when worn to let the driver know the brakes need changing. Either way, it is good practice to have this looked at sooner rather than later.
  • Pulsating – If you feel a continuous pulsating from the brake pedal whenever you apply the brakes, this indicates the brake disc or rotor has become warped due to excessive heat. Pulsation occurs because the brake disc is distorted and no longer provides a perfectly flat surface when the brake pad makes contact. If this only occurs when you apply the brakes firmly, it could just be the ABS kicking in but you should have this checked out if you are concerned or it happens regularly.
  • Pulling – if your car pulls to the left or right when you apply the brakes this is usually indicative of a sticking hydraulic or mechanical component such as a seized caliper. An inspection can identify the precise reason for the vehicle pulling to one side.
  • Sponginess – the brake pedal feels spongy and the brakes seem unresponsive. This is a sign that air has entered the brake lines and is preventing the brake fluid from flowing through this system effectively.
  • Soft Brake Pedal – if the brake pedal is limp and goes all the way to the floor, this indicates a serious braking system fault which you should have inspected immediately. A brake pedal that is soft and can be applied all the way to the floor usually means the brake fluid is ineffective and needs replacing but there can be several other potential reasons such as a master cylinder fault.
  • Dashboard Light – if a brake warning light appears on your instrument panel either continuously or when you apply the brakes it could mean the brake fluid level is critically low. This could also indicate a leak in the brake hoses, which needs to be immediately checked.

Is it important to change brake fluid?

If your brake fluid is over 2 years old it may be losing its effectiveness since it has hygroscopic properties which means it absorbs moisture over time. This affects the properties of the fluid which negatively affects braking ability.

Why Bosch Brake Pads

GT Auto Centre is an approved Bosch Car Service Centre and we are proud to offer Bosch brake pads. Bosch is a globally recognised quality brand, and within their extensive portfolio a manufacturer of high quality components. It is also interesting to note that Bosch is a major global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM); particularly the major European car manufacturers use significant Bosch product in their car assembly – Brakes, Ignitions parts, Filters, the list is extensive.

The Bosch brake pad programme has been designed to complement all types of driving styles, by way of applying the correct composition of friction material to each of its pad types. For all applications, extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the correct comfort level for the driver, resulting in a number of friction formulations being used across the Bosch brake pad range.

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