Car Oil Change Service Dubai

How important is it to carry out my car oil change regularly?

Oil change is a must for engine integrity and reliability which is even more important in the extreme heat experienced in the Dubai summers. GT Auto Centre recommends changing your engine oil every 10,000 km, or every year, whichever comes first and importantly more often if you drive your car hard or off road. We have many customers who routinely change oil at 5,000 km intervals to keep the engine in the best shape possible.

Does it make sense to use good quality motor oil?

Yes, certainly. Avoid the bottom priced oil, typically as found in speedy lube stations and fuel station oils at all costs. We highly recommend using really good quality lubrication oils; lubricants are not all the same. At GT Auto Centre we use Total Oil because:

  • Total Oil manufacture the highest specification lubricants recommended by many of the world’s leading manufacturers, and for the latest generation of supercharged, turbocharged, or naturally aspirated engines.
  • Suitable for all types of usages.
  • Excellent & proven integrity in very severe conditions such as extreme heat, and off- roading.
  • Helps considerably towards engine longevity.
  • Maintains engine performance and power.
  • We see engines come to us in bad shape because of either inferior oil or infrequent changes. Don’t let this happen to your car.

Should I use synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is designed to be more effective at resisting breakdown, and because of this it tends to last longer, and importantly for us in Dubai, withstands high temperatures. Whilst it is a little more expensive, we use synthetic oil as we believe in the higher quality it offers. We think you should too.

When synthetic oil is recommended:

  • 1. If you make lots of short trips, standard motor oil may never get warm enough to burn off moisture and impurities, which means it may not be doing enough to protect your engine.
  • 2. Living in a region with very hot summers.
  • 3. Using your vehicle for towing.
  • 4. Off roading, where engine temperatures can be extreme.

Synthetic oil can also help engines that are prone to building up sludge; some Volkswagen and Toyota models have had sludge issues in the past. This residue, formed when oil breaks down, can block the flow of oil, leading to the quick death of an engine. Synthetic oil would be beneficial in these engines because it helps to reduce sludge build up, helping to extend the engine’s lifespan and of course reliability.

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