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Car Air Conditioning

Proper servicing of your cars AC is critical, and we strongly recommend this is done annually or at 10,000km, whichever comes first.  At GT Auto Centre we have the latest generation of computerised car AC servicing machines that vacuum your system thoroughly removing the build-up of crud and moisture.  It then refreshes the cars AC system with the exact quantity of gas needed and new lubricating oil. 


AC "Top up"- this is just adding gas and is not the same as servicing.  The parallel here is just adding oil to your engine and not properly having the oil changed.  If your car needs to constantly be topped up, it has a leak and this needs to be repaired.  If its leaking into the car, you will be breathing in noxious fumes.


What Is R1234yf?
In 2011 (following a 2006 directive) European motor vehicle manufacturers began to switch air conditioning (AC) refrigerant to a newly developed substance, R1234yf. North American and Asian manufacturers have followed suit and are changing their vehicles over to R1234yf too.GT Auto Centre has all the equipment and personnel necessary to carry out your AC service for both R134a and R1234yf.  Call now to make an appointment with us. 043237106 or email


Why do I need to use a professional workshop for my AC servicing?
As with any system in or on a motor vehicle, GT Auto Centre always recommends that you let the experts work on it for you. R1234yf is no different, and there are some important characteristics to note when in contact with this refrigerant.

R1234yf has been described as “mildly flammable” in testing conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). R1234yf has been shown to ignite at temperatures over 900 centigrade and, whilst this kind of temperature is not common in a motor vehicle, it is reachable and can pose a risk to the inexperienced technician. GT Auto Centre has fully trained AC technicians as well as the latest equipment to properly and safely service your R134a and R1234yf AC system. Call now to make an appointment with us. 04323 7106 or email us at The flammability was and is the reason some of the biggest German automotive manufacturers continue to develop CO2 AC systems as they dispute the findings of safety tests due to the results of their own tests showing different results.

GT Auto Centre recommends annual AC Servicing for all AC Systems otherwise to could be very expensive if left a long time. Call us now for details and to make a booking – 04 323 7106 or email us at


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