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The many joys of owning a Range Rover or other Land Rover  are sometimes tempered by servicing and repair costs. At GT Auto Centre we are experts with all Land Rover services; Range Rover, Range Rover sport , LR2, LR3, LR4, Velar , Evogue and Defenders. We believe Range Rover cars, in many ways, are the best vehicles on the road. So much so, we use them ourselves.

A number of customers have told us we are the best option for Land Rover services, after the main dealer. Why use the main dealer when you have such an efficient and good value option here at GT Auto Centre?

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Our Service Includes:

Range Rover Car Suspension Issues

Suspension components do wear out or develop slow leaks over time. Range Rovers and LR4’s have a computer-controlled pressurized system with a compressor and air spring, interconnected by a myriad of pipes, valves, and dryers to remove unwanted water from the system.

Land Rover air springs deteriorate over time and particularly when the car is driven regularly across sand tracks, rocks, potholes, or speed bumps.

Air suspension compressors sometimes do fail in the Range Rover. If the car drops, possibly overnight or when left for a few days, do have it checked, as there may be a leak. Leaving this leak unresolved means the air compressor is running more often than it should, which can, and often does, lead to the compressor overheating, which in itself leads to the pump failing before it’s natural life span. Air compressor pumps are quite expensive items and they maintain the correct amount of air pressure to the suspension system.

The valve blocks will fail if there are leaks or loose air hose connections. On the other hand, weak seals, the exterior valve block, the pressure switch, the pressure relief valve, and the diaphragm valve can also bring forward valve block failure.

Finally, the air suspension dryer is a small cylinder-like device that is next to the compressor and the valve block. The dryers remove water and moisture from the air suspension system. However, if water accumulates in the air suspension dryer, it will cause problems leading to suspension failure over time causing other air suspension parts to corrode or malfunction.

If you are in Dubai and suspect your Range Rover may have a steering or air suspension problem, bring it to GT Auto Centre. We provide excellent service and repairs and have considerable experience resolving these issues.

Call us to make an appointment on 04 323 7106 or book an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you.

The best alternative to a dealership

GT Auto Centre is an expert in car repairs and maintenance and always use genuine spare parts or best alternatives like BOSCH. We are located in the centre of Al Quoz, Dubai and often cost 50% less than getting your vehicle repaired from the main dealership.

A service you can rely on

Precision cars deserve talented hands to keep them in good working order. Equipped with the latest and greatest in automotive repair equipment, GT Auto Centre is the perfect setting for our talented car mechanics to show you just why we should be your Land Rover services specialist in Dubai.

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