About Our Service

GT Auto Centre in Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE

Built on reputation and dedication to outstanding customer service, GT Auto Centre is a “bumper to bumper” car service company in Dubai offering an extensive range of car services from simple oil changes to car engine repair. A specialist in AC reconditioning through to full body services for all makes of vehicle, this is a brand with over ten years expertise in the UAE. GT Auto Centre is the ultimate in car care for expats in the city.

A Western-owned and managed operation they understand the importance of quality, reliability, and transparency in a car service. When it comes to customer care, value and satisfaction, delivery remains at the heart of their business philosophy.

In a competitive world where customers demand the very best attention to detail and highest quality of service, GT Auto Centre promise to keep all valued clients informed of deadlines and work in progress. Add to this an open, upfront, and transparent policy this industry respected outfit take the stress away from any auto problem or necessary garage visit.

It is fitting that such a professional outfit works in harmony with its own milestone standards. GT Auto Centre will always aim to bring trust, reliability, and value to its clients by providing the highest quality auto services.

Our Vision

GT Auto Centre strives to be so effective in their industry, they are recognised as the ultimate “Bumper to Bumper” service company in the UAE.

Our Mission

The GT Auto Centre mission is to provide our clients with the best possible vehicle maintenance and repair, fairly priced, in a timely manner, using our quality, transparency and reliability.

The GT Brand Values in car servicing adhere to all the following principles.

  • Honesty - Upfront, transparent and direct in all of dealings with customers.
  • Integrity - A trusted friend and partner when it comes to car service and advice.
  • Reliability - Upfront, transparent and direct in all of dealings with customers.
  • Honesty - Follow our own proud ethos to always deliver on time and not to let you down.
  • Service excellence - Car service quality is consistently excellent and to the highest standards at all times.
  • Friendly and approachable - Approachable, knowledgeable and offer a unique customer experience.

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