Car Bumpers Repair Dubai

Car Bumpers Repair Guide

Bumps, dents, and scratches in your car are an unavoidable part of life. Dents and scrapes happen all the time, whether they’re caused by a little higher-than-expected curb or a runaway trolley in a parking lot. When your car is scratched or dented for any reason, it is critical to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Car Bumpers Repair Dubai

Bumper covers are projecting plastic or metal veils that wrap energy-absorbing components on car bumpers. They are designed to reduce low-speed collision damage by absorbing impact to the front and rear of automobiles.

Under the exterior cover of today’s passenger vehicle bumpers is a hard reinforcement bar, with sections of compressible foam or plastic underneath.


Standard Bumper: This is a common bumper found on cars. There are no steps or hitches on it; instead, it features a paint-matched plastic cover with energy-absorbing devices.

Step Bumper: Bumpers with a step-shaped cutout in the center, right below the license plate, are found on SUVs, trucks, and some cars. Ball hitches are frequently installed through holes in these bumpers.

Cowboy Bumper: These tall, heavy-duty bumpers are most commonly found on older vehicles and are usually chrome plated. They’re designed to stand out and to tow large trailers.

Tube Bumper: Tube bumpers are typically found on jeeps and lifted trucks, and they do away with the plastic shroud. Instead, they use a heavy-duty steel tubing frame to reduce crash damage.


Any shop would follow a set of procedures to offer you an approximate time frame for repairing your car for each issue.

First and foremost, the shop will need to know the parts it requires from the insurance company that will be paying the bill. It’s also possible that the required bumper type for a certain automobile model is out of stock at the dealership. In most cases, bumper repair takes no more than three days, and in certain cases, if the repair is minor, it can be completed in one day. 


The procedure entails removing the car’s bumper cover. Any defects are eliminated or sanded down for a smoother surface when the bumper is removed.

The specialists begin the painting procedure after removing all defects. Only once the paint has completely cured is it safe to handle, and only then is the number reinstalled on the car. The painting can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to completely dry. As a result, the painting and curing procedures are likely to take the longest. After this procedure is completed, the car is completely cleaned before being returned!

You may be wondering why your automobile will be in the shop for three days. It takes three days because if the bumper is damaged enough that it needs to be replaced, the shop staff must order a new one. The new bumper cover is normally delivered in one day.


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