Does Windscreen Repair Resin Work?

How to Apply Resin?

To apply the resin, you’ll need a specialized repair system to ensure that the resin penetrates even the tiny cracks around the break, whilst removing any air from the break. If air is left in the break it can cause a weaker repair as the resin cannot fully penetrate. Most resins, including Esprit Pro resin, require exposure to UV or LED light for the resin to harden.

Curing time for the resin depends on a number of factors, the most important being the type of lamp used. Esprit resin will cure fully in 75 seconds with the LED lamp.  Most repair kits will give you an indication of the length of time needed for the resin or harden. Don’t forget, you mustn’t touch the resin whilst it’s setting as at this stage it’s still in its liquid form.

Does Windscreen Repair Resin Work?

Absolutely. However, not all kits and resin are created equal. Some cheaper repair kits are designed to disguise the appearance of chips and cracks and prevent them from growing larger. Most, especially non-professional windscreen repair kits, do not fix any underlying windscreen weaknesses nor are they capable of fixing deeper chips or scratches.

Remember too, the best results are only achieved when the repair is dealt with as soon as possible. The longer you wait to fix and chips or cracks on your windscreen, the more likely they’ll grow and worsen, and could result in you having to pay for a costly windscreen replacement.

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