It’s time to take action, whether it’s small pieces of material falling off the roof or large bundles of fabric trim dangling just above your head as you’ve wandered into a spider’s web.

Whatever the job is and whatever you name it (car roof lining repair, car ceiling repair, hood lining repair, car roof lining replacement), it’s time to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Fiberglass boards (found in newer models) and cardboard composites (found in slightly older vehicles) are two of the most frequent types of roof boards to which headlining or roof lining is placed. A multitude of variables contribute to a drooping, baggy, or loose headliner, but it all comes down to gravity in the end.

Cutting corners: Here, the manufacturer has literally cut corners to save money by not leaving any excess cloth tucked over the board to give extra sagging resistance.

Smokers: soot settles in the headlining, gradually adding weight over time, while various compounds in the soot react with the adhesive, causing the car roof lining glue to break down. Smoking is a major health threat!

Environmental conditions: Extreme temperatures also cause the adhesive to break down over time as it expands and contracts in response to temperature – heat, cold, wetness, and humidity all play a role.

Cleaning: putting too much pressure on the headliner will compress or displace the glue, hastening its demise. Prodding the ceiling with a finger or fist, rubbing it with a sponge, or jabbing it with a vacuum cleaner nozzle are some of the culprits. Our recommendation is to leave it alone and hire a professional interior detailer only when absolutely necessary.

In-car fragrances: Some in-car perfumes contain strong compounds that, over time, break down the glue.

Large objects: we’ve all tried to cram a couch into the back seat of a station wagon or hatchback, only to be thwarted by – you guessed it – an armrest or leg scratching against the ceiling. Shudder!

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