Having a car is thrilling and exciting. Cars go through a lot of changes during the course of their lives. To avoid disappointments during such moments, you must first master some car fundamentals. There are issues that you can solve on your own and others that require the assistance of a professional. Your car’s roof lining, for example, wears out with time. A sinking roof is the first indication of this. Everything you need to know about automobile roof lining is in this article.


The headliner of a car is a foam-backed textile covering that is affixed to the car’s ceiling. This section of the car’s fabric can come loose as a result of moisture absorption. Fortunately, this is a section of the car that can be easily repaired at home, as long as the job is done correctly the first time. The following are signs that your car’s headliner needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • The roof is sagging and the ceiling is drooping.
  • You start seeing more wounds and rips.
  • The sound of traffic is much louder; with a convertible cover, you’re more likely to hear this.

Patchwork maintenance on the headliner can be done in a variety of methods, as detailed in the section below—this is a good approach to save time and money, at least in the short term. While patchwork on occasion can be beneficial, years of patchwork may not be aesthetically pleasant in the long term.


It’s possible that removing the headliner entirely isn’t necessary. By simply taking steps to move the headliner back to a place where it clings to the roof liner, you could also save time, effort, and money.

If the headliner fabric is sagging or separated but not damaged or ripped, one of the procedures listed below should simply reconnect the cloth to the roof liner. You might be able to avoid having to remove and replace the complete headliner if you use these procedures.


Most car owners devote a significant amount of time and effort to maintaining the exterior of their vehicles. They are unaware that the interior of a car experiences gradual wear and tear as well.

It can be a frustrating experience to discover too late that your car’s inside roofing requires repair. 

As a result, you should inspect the roof lining on a regular basis. If you see any sagging, you should address it right away. Professional sagging repair is more expensive, but it is also more effective. You may also do it yourself in a fraction of the time by following the steps below:

Using Twist Pins with a Clear Head

These pegs are ideal for securing huge sections of roof liner. Saggy stoppers are another name for them. Here’s how much it costs on Amazon. They are extremely inexpensive and widely available on the market. Twist pins can be used to repair a roof lining that is threatening to fall off. The best part about these pins is that they leave no holes in your board. As a result, it outperforms other methods.

Using a Glue Gun

Gluing the automobile top lining back into place is the simplest method. 

It’s preferable if the fabric is somewhat sagging at the edges. Spray-on glue is recommended for uniformly adhering the lining to the back. Make sure the glue you’re using is designed specifically for gluing automobile upholstery cloth.

Ordinary glue is ineffective and will not endure extreme weather. Apply the adhesive to the fabric’s entire upper side. Spray some on the foam under the lining as well. Join the fabric to the foam with your hands and push firmly to remove any creases.

 Using a Paint Roller and a Steam Cleaner

The inadequacy of glue results in a sagging automobile roof liner. The adhesive is melted with the use of a steam cleaner, and it can be reapplied.

A paint roller and a steam cleaner go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

The roller aids in spreading the lining evenly across the board and preventing wrinkles. This procedure works best on fabric that is sagging at the edges and corners. This procedure may not work if the glue is old and has been dried for a long time.

However, these methods may not be able to sustain the damage for long. Seeing a professional can never be a bad idea.

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