Minor And Major Car Service


Your car maintenance is important. Car repairs should be carried out, as a rule of thumb every 10,000 km, due to the hot and dusty UAE conditions that we face.

It’s vital for the safety and mechanical integrity of your vehicle and keeping a record of your car service history is important for resale purposes down the line; a FSH (Full Service history) can add onto your cars value substantially!

How to check car service history

You need to always know the service history of your car, whether the vehicle has been in your possession from new or if you have recently bought the car second hand from a dealer or a private sale and especially imported cars with non GCC specifications.

If you are a resident in Dubai and you want to check a car service history, you can visit the Ministry of Interior website. Quite often, the previous owner would have kept records of the vehicle service and repairs history and would likely share this information with you. If this information is not available, we can offer you a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

What Is Included In a Minor Service?

Generally speaking, minor services will includ

As we can see, a minor service is just that; minor. If you have any snags or issues have arisen since the last time your car was serviced, ask us to carry out a more detailed inspection of the area you are concerned about and we’ll try and complete a full car repair.

What Is Included In a Major Service?

Everything included as above in our minor package, as well as the following:

  • Detailed 140 point car check, from dents and scratches, to hooter and wipers
  • Check warning lights on dash
  • Check spark plugs and change if necessary
  • AC service and pollen filter change
  • Change of brake fluid
  • Change of coolant
  • Change of fuel filter if applicable
  • Tyre rotation if requested

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